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- Testing Update -

You can now schedule your COVID-19 test via our online form

The cost for COVID-19 testing is $75. Federal law now requires all health insurers (except short-term plans) to cover all costs associated with COVID-19 testing without imposing any copays or deductibles and regardless of whether the provider is in-network. This requirement covers the test and the visit (whether in-person or via telehealth) that resulted in the order for the test. It will also cover antibody testing, when widely available. As insurers are required to reimburse out-of-network providers for these services, the CARES Act requires providers that order and/or provide testing to post the cash price of these services on their public website

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School Based Services 

With the closing of schools, Katy Trail Community Health wants students and families to know we will continue to provide our counseling and Behavioral Health Services to those enrolled in our school based program. Our providers are now in our clinics and eager to continue working with students.  If you wish to resume services please contact School Based Services Coordinator, Samantha at 660-826-4774 ext: 210 or email If your student was not enrolled in our services but you have an interest please contact your school counselor to learn more. 

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